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Welcome to the NH Hudson Fish & Game Club

The Hudson Fish & Game Club, Inc. is located at 53 Pine Road, Hudson, New Hampshire, 03051. The Club incorporated in 1956. The Club is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization and registered with the State of New Hampshire.


We promote all legitimate sport with rod, gun, and bow. We assist in enforcing the laws for the protection and propagation of fish and game within the State and help in securing legislation in connection with these purposes as may be necessary. We buy, sell, mortgage or lease real estate to further these purposes. We maintain a clubhouse and/or other buildings and generally promote social contacts of its members. We expend all income above and beyond operating expenses on charitable activities in accordance with our by-laws.

Club Phone Number: 603-889-9875 follow prompts and leave a message.
Email Contact: or use the Contact Us link.


We have received many emails and phone calls regarding our ranges open to the public for shooting. This is incorrect. The TRAP RANGE is ONLY open to the public on Sunday mornings, weather permitting, and pending if there is an event scheduled. Our outdoor ranges and indoor range are for MEMBERS AND THEIR GUESTS ONLY. We apologize for any confusion.

Family Outing Scheduled for August 23, 2014, starting at 1:00pm

2014 NH Hunter Safety Program

Sign up soon on the NH Fish and Game Website. Our dates are September 5, 6, 7 2014.

Atlantic Broodstock Salmon Fishing Opens April 1, 2014

Permit Required: Anglers age 16 and older must purchase an Atlantic Salmon Brood Stock Permit ($11) in addition to a regular NH freshwater fishing license. No license or permit is required for anglers younger than 16 years old.

Season: Year-round. Exception: Salmon taken from October 1 through March 31 must be immediately released.

Bag Limits: The daily limit for salmon is 1 fish. The season limit for salmon is 5 fish. The minimum total length for salmon is 15 inches.

Identification of Legal Salmon:

Anglers can identify brood stock salmon by a T-bar anchor tag attached to one side of the base of the dorsal fin. Only salmon marked with a T-bar anchor tag may be kept. The tag must remain attached to the salmon while on or leaving the water. Any salmon not identified by a T-bar anchor tag must be immediately released.

Where to Fish: Method and
Area Designations

I. Merrimack and Pemigewasset rivers from Garvins Falls Dam in Bow to the Ayers Island Dam in Bristol and their tributaries to the first upstream dam – salmon shall be taken by FLY-FISHING ONLY.

“Fly-fishing” means casting with only fly rod, fly reel and fly line combination with an artificial fly attached, to which no additional weight has been added to the fly line or leader, and does not include the use of spinning, spincast, and casting rods and reels and lead core lines.

For more information go to

Sunday Trap Shooting Open To Public

At this time, trap season is open. On Sunday mornings,at 10:00am-12:00 noon we hold Trap Shooting. This is open to the public for a nominal fee. Members pay $3.00 each round of 25 shots. Non-Members pay $3.50 each round. Shotguns only using 7 1/2 or 8 shot shells only will be allowed.

We do sometimes have trap shooting during the winter months, depending on the weather and how many people show up. So please call on Sunday mornings at 9:00-9:30am, or stop by to see if we are having trap shooting.

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