Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Our Club Outdoor Facilities and the public's use?

We have received many questions (emails and phone calls) concerning whether our OUTDOOR FIREARM RANGES and STOCKED POND are open for public use.

The short answer is the ranges and pond are NOT OPEN for RENT or PUBLIC USE, and are located on private property!

All our firearm ranges and stocked pond are for MEMBERS AND THEIR GUESTS ONLY . The general public shall not enter our property, use our private pond, or any outdoor ranges at anytime!. Also note for your protection, our property is marked as a outdoor Active Firing Range!

Entering the property without authorization, or not escorted by a bona-fide active member, is deemed trespassing, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The only exceptions to the above statement is for club sanctioned events  (like the Sunday morning "PUBLIC Trap Event".  Please see the "HFGC Trap Shooting Page" for details.) and Private Party rentals (see Hall Rental webpage).